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- Safety

  For customer safety, Ciel Bleu verifies the safety of products by periodically testing the following items through a reliable

  test agency.

   • Acidity and colorant test

   • Harmful substance test such as fluorescence brightening agent, formaldehyde

- Quality :

  Ciel Bleu maintains a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 as a standard in order to provide 

  complete products to our customers. The main quality inspection items and intervals can be summarized as follows. ISO

  9001:2015 - Certificate No. SKQ-10638, Issued by SMC in Korea

1. In-process

   • Visual inspection for contamination, abnormal substance, appearance and etc.

   • Ear loop pull test at every changes of the ear loop material

   • Packaging

   • Markings

2. Every quarter by products

   • Breathing resistance

   • Practical performance

3. Every 6 months by products 

   • Ear loop tensile

   • Breathing resistance

   • Practical performance

   • Leakage test


Ciel Bleu continues to develop excellent mask materials by discovering excellent partners in Korea and establishing partnerships, such as Yuhan-Kimberly and Sunjin Industries.

Production Capacity

- Mask converting

Mask converting.jpg

- Manufacturing (planned)

Manufacturing (planned).jpg

Certificate status


ISO 9001


ISO 14001

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